Teens React to Weird Al Yankovic’s ‘Mandatory Fun’ With Interesting, And Hilarious, Results

Weird Al Yankovic was a household name and just another part of growing up for the kids of the 1980’s and 90’s. His parodies of top artists from those ancient times, such as Michael Jackson and Madonna, gave Weird Al every bit as much notoriety – and an equally distinct niche – as the pop stars themselves.

But now that Weird Al Yankovic has come storming back in 2014 with his new #1 album, Mandatory Fun, what do today’s youngsters think of Yankovic’s wild and zany antics?

The Fine Bros take on this topic in their most recent Teens React web-series, with several teens watching, and reacting to, both Weird Al Yankovic’s new work and some videos from yester-year, reports the Huffington Post.

While reactions are somewhat mixed, the majority of the teens’ reactions are positive, if not glowing, toward Weird Al Yankovic.

The teens are first exposed to Yankovic’s new video, Handy, positive responses including:

“Dude, I Love him – He’s so funny!”

“This is great!”

“Can we replace (Iggy) Azalea with Wierd Al?”

“I loved it, I mean seriously, if he was a handyman I’d have him come to my house!”

The sole negative teen reaction didn’t offer anything very constructive, the young teen girl’s flash of insight? “I don’t like this video.”

The next Wierd Al diddy sampled was Foil, which had similar responses, including:

“He’s actually a really good singer!” and, “I don’t even know, man, just funny.”

Again, however, the teen Foil review was rounded out by the girl that didn’t like Handy, though her analysis was a bit heavier this time: “Who makes a song about foil? I mean, who dedicates a whole song to foil?”

Finally, it’s one of the teens that had never heard of Weird Al Yankovic, summing it all up by analyzing Weird Al’s name:

“It fits… the ‘weird’ part.”

While Weird Al Yankovic is best known for his parodies, new fans should also be aware that Yankovic is quite capable of exploring deeper themes of love, loss, heart-break and broken dreams in songs such as One More Minute:

When told Weird Al had been making parodies for 40 years the teens were all shocked, saying things like they thought song parodies had only come around with the dawning of Youtube and now come to find out, with a heavy influence from Weird Al Yankovic, parodies have actually been around since “the dawn of time.”

So today’s teens would be thoroughly shocked to learn song parodies even predate the birth of Weird Al Yankovic himself! I mean, where would Weird Al be without Nervous Norvus and songs like Transfusion?

Videos via Youtube and Iamge via The Inquisitr