Amazing Video Shows Two Women Being Nearly Runover By Freight Train!

Trespassing railroad tracks is never a good idea. Two Indiana women learnt the lesson the hard way when they were caught in the middle of a bridge as a 14,000 ton freight train hurtled towards them. Luckily, the two women were able save themselves by laying down flat on the tracks as the train passed over them. The identities of the women have not been revealed to the press yet – but they have been identified by law enforcement agencies, reports The Indy Channel.

The amazing video was captured by a camera mounted on the train, reports Yahoo. The incident which reportedly happened on July 10 shows the train entering the 500-foot long bridge at a sedate speed. Everything looks normal as the train passes over the bridge. However, as the train nears the end of the bridge, you can see the two women frantically running away from the train. Realizing that they would not be able to outrun the train, the women decide to lay on the tracks, expecting the train to pass over them. Jumping off the bridge was not an option as well thanks to the deep waters below. In the video, you can clearly see one of the women running towards the edge of the bridge, perhaps contemplating a jump. However, as she sees the other lady laying down, she too decides to follow suit. Nevertheless, their quick decision did help them save their own lives.

The incident happened on a bridge known as Shuffle Creek Trestle. According to the engineer who was on board the locomotive that powered the train, he applied the emergency brakes as soon as he realized there were people on the bridge, as per protocol. He also repeatedly sounded the horn. However, he could only watch in helplessness as the two women initially tried to outrun the train. Towards the end of the video, you can see the train coming to a halt.

The engineer in the meantime had assumed that he had run over the two women and immediately notified the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department. It was only later that he figured that the two women had miraculously survived. They had in fact managed to escape to a nearby vehicle and managed to flee the scene.

Reacting to the incident, Indiana Rail Road Company founder, president and CEO Tom Hoback said;

“The consequences of trespassing on railroad-owned property are never taken seriously by those choosing to do so, and this incident at Lake Lemon is one of the most glaring examples I’ve seen in more than 40 years in this business.”

Law enforcement agencies have identified the two women and are likely to press charges against them.

[Image Via YouTube]