Jodie Foster To Helm George Clooney Film 'Money Monster'

Jodie Foster's upcoming Money Monster will star George Clooney, a long-time staple of Hollywood since playing a janitor on The Facts of Life.

Clooney has rarely shown much range when it comes to acting, having had most of his success playing a doctor on the TV classic ER and as heist frontman Danny Ocean in Ocean's Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen. Of course, we will always remember him as the one who almost destroyed Batman under director Joel Schumacher.

Foster has had a much more successful career all around, starring in the crime thriller classic Silence of the Lambs and the one movie where we didn't mind Kristen Stewart, Panic Room. Since then, she has directed House of Cards for Netflix and received a nomination in 2013 for directing an episode of Orange is the New Black.

Jodie Foster's impressive resume may bring George Clooney into a new light as a TV show host who's been taken hostage on the air and forced to tell the audience some powerful secrets in order to survive. If anyone can bring out the acting potential of Clooney, it's Foster.Clooney could be a natural as TV show host Lee Gates, but showing terror in front of two audiences, both real and fictional, could be a challenge for him. He's always played characters who have control over their situations, so Foster is definitely stretching the aging actor's limits giving him a starring role in Money Monster.

TriStar Productions has acquired worldwide rights to the film and has it slated to hit globally in early 2015. Can George Clooney show us he can act outside his comfort zone or will this be the first time Foster fails to get a decent performance out of her main cast?

Hollywood powerhouse Jodie Foster isn't worried and appears optimistic about the film:

"I couldn't be more thrilled to start our Money Monster adventure alongside such a talented and passionate team. [Chairman] Tom Rothman and TriStar really get the movie and are the best cheerleaders our filmmaking team could hope for."
The stakes will be high in almost every way when Jodie Foster's Money Monster hits theaters next year. Will you be watching?

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