‘RHOOC’ Star Lizzie Rovsek Felt Embarrassed Thanks To Tamra Barney

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Lizzie Rovsek may be new to the show, but she is quickly learning who she can trust and who she should stay away from. She was warned about Tamra Barney and Lizzie is now starting to question her friendship with her.

When Lizzie invited the ladies to her birthday party, she included an invitation for Barney. But Lizzie Rovsek was left alone in her party bus with her husband. Vicki Gunvalson showed up, but Rovsek overheard Vicki's comments about not really wanting to hang out with Lizzie and her husband. Needless to say, Rovsek was devastated.

According to a new Bravo report, The Real Housewives of Orange County star Lizzie Rovsek is now revealing that she wasn't planning on confronting Tamra at Heather's Valentine's Day party, but she wanted to get things cleared up between them after Tamra ditched her party.

"At the end of the night I brought up my birthday again to Tamra. I said, "Why didn't you just tell me earlier you weren't going to be there?" I was so embarrassed that night. It would have saved me so much humiliation," Lizzie revealed in her official blog from the episode. She thought that the other girls would show up and celebrate her birthday with her, but was shocked when they didn't.

"I suppose I wanted some type of acknowledgement for my feelings, considering how she failed to have the proper manners to let me know beforehand she wouldn't be at the party, and how I found out she is talking about me behind my back and making fun of me," she points out. Lizzie wanted Tamra to just have been honest and upfront, but Lizzie noticed that she had her defensive guard up immediately.

Of course, Lizzie Rovsek celebrated her birthday with her husband, Vicki and Brooks, because she didn't want to spend it alone. But she has admitted that this was not exactly the best birthday, given that she had invited so many people.

And this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County was predicted to be emotional, raw and full of tears as covered by this Inquisitrreport. Lizzie Rovsek isn't the only new housewife this season. She is joined by Shannon Beador, who has also struggled to get along with Tamra and Vicki.

Luckily, Lizzie is a strong woman who can call Tamra out whenever she feels hurt or betrayed, as shown on yesterday's episode. What do you think of Lizzie Rovsek's comments about Tamra? Do you think that Lizzie's opinions were out of line or are you glad that she is standing up to Barney?

[Image via Lynn Fam]