'Mad Max: Fury Road' Trailer Doesn't Look Promising

The Mad Max: Fury Road trailer doesn't really fill me with anticipation. The iconic role made famous by Mel Gibson always had a certain realism and emotion to it that made it appealing, and none of those things made it into the trailer.

For anyone who hasn't seen the original trilogy, Max Rockatansky starts out as a police officer willing to go a little further to stop the rampant crime which riddles the post-apocalyptic Australian countryside. After he angers the wrong people and ends up getting his wife and child killed for his trouble, he becomes a deadly vigilante with nothing left to live for except a thirst for justice.

Basically, Max became a homicidal daytime version of Batman.

It wasn't until The Road Warrior that Gibson's character became Mad Max, who used equal parts violence and brains to get his revenge against criminals who seemed to thrive on the carnage they created. He showed a deep appreciation for the little things as he dealt brutal justice to those who thought they could live outside the basic laws of right and wrong.

The Mad Max: Fury Road trailer doesn't leave me with any indication of those aspects that made Mad Max a hero. Instead it looks like it was filmed with a green screen and insane amounts of CG rendering. It almost looks like a Michael Bay movie the way the trailer plays it. If I wanted to watch a Bay film, I'd watch a Transformers movie, not a Mad Max reboot.

Tom Hardy might be a great choice to replace the aging Mel Gibson, but the movie around him does not look like something attempting to convey the deep emotion that the original trilogy had.

George Miller's vision of the apparent reboot looks more like a video game, with oversaturated colors and an over-dependence on slow motion violence. He's forgotten what made the character someone to root for.

Fans of the original trilogy are probably not going to like the new Mad Max as much as your kids likely will. Sorry, George Miller, this looks like a reboot we didn't need.

Do you agree that the Mad Max: Fury Road trailer seems to throw away everything that made Mel Gibson's version of Max the anti-hero we loved?

[image via YouTube]