WWE News: Batista Wants One More Match With Triple H To End Career

Dave "the Animal" Batista returned to the WWE for the Royal Rumble pay-per-view last year for another run with the dynamic wrestling company. It wasn't the run he was hoping for, after claiming he had been lied to about creative works before signing. There was a point when Batista didn't even want to come back, and leave instead.

Luckily for the WWE Universe, Bluetista decided to remain and finish out phase one of his deal. It still isn't over, as he has a little over a year left on the initial deal. Phase 2 will commence some time after SummerSlam and Batista talked about wanting one more match at WrestleMania with somebody who thought he would be a beast one day, Triple H.

"Triple H right now is the guy I really want to work with. I want to go back and that's hopefully that'll be my retirement program. Yeah, I'll have my WrestleMania retirement match with Triple H."
Batista worked closely with HHH in the program leading up to WrestleMania 30. In fact, he was in the main event and lost to Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. He ended up "quitting" because Hunter wouldn't give him a title rematch that he deserved.


A match with Triple H would be a very interesting way to end Batista's career at a WrestleMania. The two worked closely for many years and were considered good friends. It would be like two mentors going at it in the ring one last time. As you know, Triple H will always wrestle once a year until he physically can't do it anymore. So, ending Batista's career with a match like that would be a great way to say goodbye.

It was the Evolution reunion that WWE banked on to make money and make Batista relevant. The plan by Creative certainly worked, as fans marked out for the faction that dominated the mid-2000's. To make Batista's life even more fulfilling, a sequel to the popular movie Guardians of the Galaxy is already in the works.

Batista is guaranteed for the role of Drax the Destroyer for the new movie as well, launching his movie career to the moon. He isn't the next Rock, but Batista is making leaps and bounds in the movie industry after hard work and diligence brought him there.

On top of announcing who Batista wants in his final match for WWE, he also commented on the CM Punk situation, as the two were once great friends backstage.

"I think eventually he'll come back," Batista said. "I think he belongs there. I think the fans really love him and miss him. I think he loves it and misses it just as much. I'm really not sure why he left. He'll be back, I would think that he would be back. I think it would be kind of crazy if he didn't go back."

Strong words by Batista, who should know a little something about leaving and saying he'll never return. That was the initial reaction by him after his departure from the company in 2010. His opinion never strayed away from the, "I don't like where the product is going." After all of that, he came back anyway.

When could the WWE Universe see Batista vs. Triple H for all the marbles? That remains to be seen. Don't be surprised if it occurs at WrestleMania 31. It could be a lineup of Sting vs. Undertaker and Triple H vs. Batista. Just call it "Part-timerMania" and the fans will go crazy.

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