Kate Middleton’s Facial Expressions During Commonwealth Games Are Hilarious

Kate Middleton is making headlines for her hilarious facial expressions, while watching the Commonwealth Games with husband, Prince William, and brother-in-law, Prince Harry. Duchess Kate proved, once again, that she is a great cheerleader for athletes representing England in international competition.

The Games are a multi-national sporting event that welcome nations which are members of the Commonwealth and take place every four years, much like the Olympics. Duchess Kate and Prince William were seen enjoying and cheering on members of England’s team.

However, Kate Middleton, as always, was the center of attention, because of what she was wearing and mostly because of her hilarious facial expressions. You may or may not remember that the Duchess of Cambridge made headlines when London hosted the Summer Olympic Games in 2012, because of the intensity with which she watched the events and her enthusiasm in celebrating all things British.

The proper royal was even spotted jumping into her husband’s arms, while celebrating England’s success, as seen in these priceless shots. Everyone’s favorite couple rarely share PDA, as they are expected to maintain a formal attitude in their appearances, but Kate Middleton just couldn’t contain her excitement, and neither could her husband William.

On Monday, during their visit to the Games, we saw some more of the same as the Duchess watched the events, along with William and Harry. Kate Middleton is beloved for her simple, down to earth style and behavior and these photos capture the essence of her personality, which her subjects like so much.

Kate Middleton, not only made a splash because of her facial expressions during the visit to the Commonwealth Games, but for what she was wearing. The fashion icon wore her favorite wedges, and skinny jeans — which she has used on several other occasions — a navy blazer and white dress shirt completed the casual ensemble.

Kate Middleton recycled outfit

Kate Middleton’s facial expressions while attending the Commonwealth Games are hilarious, as she displays her well-known competitive spirit. Husband William doesn’t do a bad job either, while Harry seems to be able to contain his emotions a bit better.

[Image via Twitter]