Kris Jenner Wants 'To Fix' Rob Kardashian But Can't, Cries Herself To Sleep At Night

Rob Kardashian made the news headlines recently, but not for the best of reasons.

As was reported by The Inquisitr last month:

On its website, TMZ displays what it says are exclusive photos showing Rob at a "drug-fueled party" a few weeks ago. The pictures show Rob holding a double cup, which is the type of container commonly used for Sizzurp. The cup actually has the the words "Codeine Boys" printed on the side, and he appears to be smoking weed.

Sadly, there is always a black sheep in any family, and the Kardashians are no exception. Then again, not everyone wants to be in the limelight 24/7, let alone have cameras in their house filming their every move and beaming it to millions.

On Sunday though, the illusive and increasingly controversial Rob Kardashian was photographed hanging out at the Kardashian beach house in Malibu, looking casual in a baggy black T-shirt, black shorts, and blue L.A. baseball cap, as reported by Just Jared.

Ironically, Rob, has been the center of attention on Keeping up with the Kardashians recently as his mom revealed on the July 27 episode: "It's the worst feeling in the world when one of your kids isn't in a good place."

A week ago, viewers of the reality TV show learned that Rob Kardashian was a no-show when the family met to go vacation in Thailand. Fans also learned that Kim Kardashian has little sympathy for her bro, despite the fact her mother is broken up over the whole thing.

Kris Jenner opened up more on the show about how she feels about the situation with her son as she said, tearfully, on camera:

"I want to fix Rob and sometimes you just can't. I have not not cried myself to sleep in so long that I don't even know what that's like. You don't think it's torture for me to be here in Thailand and have him at home? I can't control someone else's behavior and I have to learn how to deal with that."
As well as being a no-show for the Thailand trip and bailing on sister Kim's wedding to rapper Kanye West, there's no question Rob Kardashian has his issues, and is somewhat of a loner. Then again, this sort of thing makes for great television, Be sure to stay tuned for the next exciting chapter in the ongoing Kardashian saga.