Ben Affleck Spotted In Los Angeles Following Comic Con Appearance

Zack Snyder apparently gave his main cast the weekend off, well, at least Ben Affleck. Following the surprise appearance at the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice panel at San Diego Comic Con, the new Batman was spotted leaving an area restaurant on Sunday evening.

Snyder pulled off one of the biggest surprises fans saw at the popular convention, the appearance of his Batman v Superman main cast, which includes Affleck, Henry Cavill (Superman), and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman). Nobody was really expecting any of them to show up, as they are in the middle of filming the Man of Steel sequel in Michigan, but it was a nice treat for eager fans, who also got to see the teaser trailer, which will hopefully be released to the public at large this week.

Many have complained that Ben Affleck did not seem happy to be at the panel, as he barely smiled during the trio's presentation. The appearance marked the first time Batman and Superman were spotted together, in public, since Affleck's casting announcement was made.

You may remember Affleck's casting was not received in a positive way by fans and there were calls to get rid of him. Petitions were started and thousands signed on to make their displeasure known, however, the studio was firm, that Batfleck -- as Ben is known in some circles -- was indeed the new Batman, who will battle Henry Cavill's Superman in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

One thing was clear, Ben Affleck has been working out. Snyder's more mature Batman stands at six-feet, four-inches tall and he has obviously gained a lot of muscles, while preparing to face-off the very ripped Cavill.

After the whirlwind that must have been Saturday, trying to keep Zack Snyder's surprise under wraps, Ben Affleck was seen enjoying himself, if looking a little tired, while leaving a Santa Monica seafood restaurant and getting into his cherry red '66 Chevy Chevelle SS. Affleck, his wife, actress Jennifer Garner, and their children live in Los Angeles, so we assume he headed home after his meal.

We believe that Ben Affleck's time off is over and he is back at work in Detroit continuing with the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice filming, alongside co-stars Henry Cavill, and Gal Gadot. In the meantime, we await for that teaser trailer.

[Image via Zack Snyder/Twitter]