Toddler Poops In Airplane Seat: Passengers, Flight Attendant Furious When Parents Encourage Child To Poop In Plane Seat

A toddler pooped in his airplane seat, infuriating fellow passengers and a flight attendant on a Delta Airlines flight from Beijing to Detroit. In spite of pleas from the attendant and people aboard the long flight, the child's parents put newspapers on the seat, encouraging him to defecate right there on the seat.

The boy's grandparents weren't much help, either. They insisted their grandchild relieve himself where he was instead of going to the bathroom. Telling the family that the toddler needed to be taken to the lavatory didn't make a difference. Realizing her efforts were going nowhere, the attendant gave up and everyone on the plane suffered through the stink.

Sina News in China originally reported on this incident, but it's translated in English via several reports. Daily Mail reveals that passenger Luolan Gang Wang told Sina News that once the boy finished going in his seat, the smell began slowly to drift through the cabin and disgust fellow passengers. Wang also says that "the elders were unmoved, leaving the flight attendant no choice but to drop the subject."

The Chinese social media network, Weibo, was full of people expressing their disgust and embarrassment at the incident, believed to have taken place last week. They feel it brings shame to their homeland, knowing that a family from there allows their child to poop in his airplane seat and not the restroom.

SF Gate posted just a few of the messages people in the country had to say about this:

"Disgrace to the Chinese people," one wrote.

"Disgrace thrown into the sky," another remarked.

The news source reached out to Delta for comment, but they haven't heard back yet.

According to Radio Free Asia, a Taiwanese airline flight attendant told them that there aren't any "laws about children defecating on airlines." The airline employee basically says that "since it's technically legal, all staff can do is offer 'suggestions.'"

If all of that's true, then worrying about less leg room, crying kids, and sitting next to obnoxious passengers will be the least of traveler's problems on an airplane! Just when it seems you've heard it all, you hear about a kid that poops in an airplane seat -- and encouraged by the parents and grandparents to do so.

Not long ago a toddler had to pee in her airplane seat, but that's because she was prevented from going to the bathroom. More on that article can be read here at The Inquisitr.

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