Massive Simultaneous Tunnel Attacks Planned By The Hamas On Israel, Being Slowly Snuffed Out

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has been on a ground offensive quite recently. However, these field excursions are now turning into a hunt for subterranean passages which are increasingly used by the Hamas forces to sneak past border security detail and attack into the heart of the city.

For the past few days, Israel's citizens have been worried over a new attack threat that is silent and deadly. Unlike the rockets that are trying hard to land, the new threat emerges from underground. Though residents constantly fear Hamas's rockets, their biggest concern is the recent revelation of tunnels extending into Israel.

The Palestinians Have Dug Deep Tunnels That Lead Straight Into Israel
The Palestinians Have Dug Deep Tunnels That Lead Straight Into Israel

Israeli Newspaper Ma'ariv had recently reported how Hamas had been planning to use its tunnels for attack. According to the media, Hamas planned a massive attack on select Israel towns. The plan was to send 200 terrorists through each tunnel simultaneously, to six Israeli communities in southern Israel. The daring daytime surprise attack was meant to kidnap and kill "as many Israelis as possible" and bring the latter back to Gaza with them, again via the tunnels, reported The Blaze.

However, Israel forces have managed to literally unearth the attack plot and have begun to 'dismantle' the tunnels using explosives. But, so far there have been confirmed reports of at least six Israeli soldiers dying at the hands of Palestinian gunmen who snuck into Israel using the underground structures.

Now having received a strong backing by the local population for the operation, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected US and United Nations for an immediate cease-fire. He has promised Israelis that the tunnels will be destroyed, whose sole purpose is the "destruction of our civilians and the killing of our children."

Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system has been holding off rocket attacks from the Palestinian side for some time now. However, "A tunnel is a medieval tactic, which is so low-tech that it's quite literally below our radar," lamented Ambassador Oren, reported The Christian Science Monitor.

Interestingly, his answer to the tunnels is equally medieval.

"Tunnels have been around since antiquity, and we may have to use a medieval technology to combat them, at least in the initial stage…. We may have to make a moat at 85-foot deep around the Gaza Strip," suggested Oren.

If Israel is to be believed, the Hamas forces have been badly affected in the war. However, each side has attempted to portray a different version than the actual ground reality. These tunnels though suggest Hamas is desperate to attack and won't stop at killing civilians.

[Image Credit | Jack Guez/Reuters, IDF]