Dale Earnhardt Jr. Shares Mom’s Text (Video)

Mom knows best — always! After coming in ninth at the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis on Sunday, Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s mom will not let it bring him down, as reported by USA Today. Leave it to Mom to always know the right thing to say to her boy.

After the race, Dale Jr.’s mom texted him, and it meant enough to him that Dale Jr. tweeted it for the world to see. “His mom compared him to his father while also not being afraid to criticize some of his cars with some choice words,” per Bleacher Report.

Dale Jr.’s mom’s text read, “U remind me of ur Dad, take sh*t car and do something with it, congrads.”

Dale Jr.’s reply back to his mom is enough to make you smile, “Thanks momma. That’s the best thing I think you’ve ever told me. And for the record, my cars are always good.”

At the end of his tweet, Earnhardt Jr. simply wrote, “I love my mom.”

The video below is just after Mother’s Day in 2009. It’s a short interview of Dale Jr. with his mom, and it reveals the type of close bond Dale Jr. has with his mom. He says, “Anytime the job gets stressful, or things aren’t going my way, or she just knows that I’m not in a good mood, she’ll tell me something that I need to hear.”

And Mom’s reply, “I’m very proud of him. I wouldn’t change a thing about him.” Aww, we love Dale Jr.’s mom, too.

Photo Credit: USATodaySports.com