Kate Middleton Is Pregnant, Trying To Concieve, Had A Miscarriage: In Other Words, No One Knows

kate middleton

Reports have been swirling that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is pregnant and expecting her second child. However, conflicting reports have also surfaced that Kate is not pregnant but simply trying to conceive. In the most recent reports, sources have said that Middleton suffered a miscarriage just shortly after former-friend Jessica Hay broke news of her pregnancy. What does it all mean? Why are reports so conflicting? I think the only logical answer is a simple one- no one really knows if the Duchess is expecting or not.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been notoriously private with their family. The only reason Middleton released the news of her pregnancy with Prince George is due to a case of extreme morning sickness that lead to being hospitalized briefly. After the publicized hospitalization and speculation of what could be wrong with Middleton, the royal family made an official statement regarding Kate’s pregnancy and that there would be a new future heir to the throne.

Prince George just recently turned one and Prince William and Kate made sure it was a private affair with close family and friends. The private couple will most likely keep any pregnancy between family until at least the second trimester.

With so many conflicting reports and unnamed sources, I feel it is all hype. Kensington Palace has yet to release an official statement on the matter meaning everything else is just hearsay. The Kate Middleton pregnancy rumor was all started by Jessica Hay who is anything but a reliable source considering she is no longer even friends with Middleton. The palace saw that Hay was using the issue to gain publicity for herself and did release an official statement regarding Hay’s relation to Middleton,

“The duchess has not spoken to Jessica Hay for very many years. She is not in contact with her at all.”

The miscarriage report is even less reliable with the rumor starting from a Globe Magazine report that is all together contradicting. The Middleton miscarriage report notes that Prince William and the Duchess were the only ones who knew about the pregnancy to start. The report further says that the couple did share the news with Queen Elizabeth but she encouraged them to grieve and move on knowing they will give George a brother or sister in the future when the time is right.

If the couple was so private about the pregnancy, not telling anyone but Queen Elizabeth, how did the “source” find out about the miscarriage? Anyone truly close to the couple would follow their wishes of privacy without leaking the information to the press in such a time of grief.

So is Kate Middleton pregnant? Did she suffer a miscarriage? Or is she simply still just trying to conceive in the near future? The truth is, no one knows and reports will continue to swirl until an official statement is made by the palace regarding the matter. In the meantime, I think it is time we leave Kate Middleton alone and allow her to conceive, grieve or celebrate on her own terms.

What do you think? Is the media just playing into the hype to get the headline story first or are people legitimately close to the royal family speaking out about the situation to the media prematurely?

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