Ed Sheeran Annoying Taylor Swift & Other Celebrities: Reveals Their Secrets In Interviews

Ed Sheeran has allegedly been annoying Taylor Swift and various other celebrities for revealing their secrets during interviews.

Alongside Swift, Sheeran is believed to have perturbed Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox with his big mouth. The Daily Star has reported that these huge stars are now so annoyed with the English singer that they’ve had to confront the song-writer. This is despite the fact that he hasn’t really said anything too incriminating.

An insider told the British publication: “It’s getting hugely embarrassing. These are all big stars who are used to being surrounded by publicists and lawyers to make sure nothing leaks out without prior approval.”

The source noted that the various celebrities and their employees are concerned that he’s only going to get worse though: “Ed keeps going rogue and spilling all kinds of secrets,” they continued. “He’s not said anything malicious or done any real harm, but they worry he’s a loose cannon and he’ll put his foot in it.”

It’s also believed that Swift, who Sheeran shares a close friendship with to the point that many people actually assumed they were dating, was the first person to say something to her pal about his big mouth.

“She was annoyed with Ed when he said in a recent interview how she should date Orlando Boom – especially as she’d admitted in private how she had the hots for him,” the insider declared. “Poor Ed felt terrible – like he was a scolded schoolboy.”

Former Friends star Cox also “had a quiet word with Ed earlier this month,” after he had made numerous comments about her romance with Johnny McDaid. Sheeran has now told his comrades that he will change his ways and “he is going to try and be more careful in interviews” in order to stop his reputation from being affected, with many people now considering him “untrustworthy.”

Earlier this month, Sheeran also insisted, during a discussion with Cosmopolitan magazine about his personal life, that he honestly has never dated Taylor Swift. Meanwhile he also talked about what it’s like to be considered a “hot pop star.”

“I never expected any of this to happen,” he commented. “I think attractive men are quite threatening, because they know they’re attractive and go in with a sort of confidence that can be very unattractive. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance… I don’t think I look like a pop star.”

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