Disney’s ‘Frozen’ May Become A Broadway Show

Frozen is the most successful animated movie of all time, according to Movie Pilot. So, it’s only natural to think Disney would take it to the next level and create a live-action Broadway musical.

There has been much speculation as to whether this was just a rumor or if there was any true substance to the talk of a Frozen musical, leaving fans questioning if their dream of hearing Idina Menzel perform “Let It Go” live on stage could become reality as reported by K Drama Stars.

The fans are no longer being left out in the cold. In a recent interview with Fortune, the Walt Disney CEO and Chairman Bob Iger confirmed that Disney is “in discussions to develop a show on the recent movie (Frozen), though there is no set time frame.”

Bob Iger already knew, as he arrived at the Frozen Premiere, that it was very special. Frozen basically brought back the magical essence to Disney for which it is so greatly known. Iger tells Fortune that as he watched Frozen, he was choked up as the credits rolled.

“I was glad I was wearing [3-D] glasses,” he says. “It was my proudest moment as the CEO of the Walt Disney Company.”

With Frozen‘s outrageous popularity, already earning over $669 million, it brought Disney Animation Studios back on top. For a few years, it seemed as though Disney had lost its magic while companies like DreamWorks and Pixar began to take over. Igar tells Fortune,

“We went through a long period where, for a variety of reasons, we weren’t making the films that drove the perception of the company and the brand.”

Then along comes Frozen and it changes everything. The beautiful musical about two sisters brought back the magic of Disney. As the characters won our hearts, so did the music with the soundtrack reaching the number one spot on Amazon and iTunes. This makes it a shoe-in for a successful Broadway musical.

Igar agrees as he confesses to Fortune that there are discussions.

“We’re not demanding speed,” he says. “We’re demanding excellence.”

And we wouldn’t expect anything less from Disney….or Frozen.

Photo credit: WebNeel.com