Kim Kardashian Starts Beyoncé Feud To Distract From Own Divorce Drama, Report Says

By now, the Kim Kardashian Instagram post appearing to take a direct shot at Beyoncé and Jay-Z has become the talk of the internet, and it seems pretty clear that the 33-year-old Mrs. Kanye West intended to take down her husband’s once-close friend and his superstar wife a peg or two.

The only question remaining is — why?

What does Kim Kardashian, who celeb-watchers believe calculates her every move to achieve some specific publicity objective or other, have to gain by firing a shot across the bow of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who are arguably the most powerful power-couple in the entertainment world?

For anyone who may have missed it, read The Inquisitr story at this link to catch up. The short version is that last Thursday — “Throwback Thursday” by internet tradition, when stars and everyone else takes the opportunity to post pictures from the past — Kim Kardashian posted a photo of Kanye West (along with Scott Disick, boyfriend of her sister Kourtney) wearing a ski mask.

She hashtagged the photo “#ThrowbackThursday #LastYear #StyleIcons #LordDisick.”

By pointing out the photo of Kanye West in a ski mask was taken “last year,” Kardashian seemed to be criticizing Beyoncé and Jay-Z as fashion plagiarists, for adopting the same ski masks for their current On the Run tour.

Now, it is possible that Kim is simply still bitter about the fact that Beyoncé and Jay-Z snubbed her wedding to Kanye West in Florence, Italy, back in May. Considering the formerly close relationship between West and Jay-Z, the failure of the “On The Run” mega-couple to attend the wedding seemed like a significant act of disrespect.

Later reports indicated that Beyoncé refused to attend the wedding because she did not want Kim Kardashian to “social climb” her, and at the wedding Beyoncé would appear to be in a subservient position to Kim. There were also reports that Jay-Z disapproved of Kanye West’s relationship with Kim Kardashian, believing that involvement with a reality star was bad for Kanye’s brand.

While revenge may well have been the motive behind the Kim Kardashian Instagram takedown of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, the gossip site Celeb Dirty Laundry tells another story.

Kardashian was trying to throw attention on Beyoncé and Jay-Z who for weeks have been the subject of nonstop divorce rumors — to distract from her own fast-crumbling marriage to Kanye West.

“Kim doesn’t do random, and everything she does is calculated to maximize her media coverage,” said the Celeb Dirty Laundry staff in a report Monday. “She knows exactly why Beyonce and Jay-Z are in trouble right now, and she’s basically inviting speculation into their marriage by pulling off this media stunt.”

What do you think? Was Kim Kardashian deliberately calling attention to the divorce rumors surrounding Beyoncé and Jay-Z? And if so, was she trying to draw attention from what has been reported to be her own probable quick divorce from Kanye West?