Two ‘Survivors’ Heading to the Amazing Race

CBS has just announced the cast for the 19th season of the Amazing Race. The new cast includes two former CBS reality stars from Survivor, a few Vegas showgirls, a couple of Olympic snowboarders, and an NFL star. It may not have the supposed star power of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars lineup, but CBS expects its new cast to be extremely competitive.

Host Phil Keoghan told People Magazine:

“I’m not sure we’ve ever had a season like this where there are so many proven athletes. There is also a lot of effort put forth to make athletes’ lives easier so they can perform. But on The Amazing Race all those things are not taken care of. They’re not going to eat what they want, sleep when they want – and they are doing it with someone else.”

Reality show fans will be pleased to see Survivor winners Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca back on television for the newest season of the Amazing Race.

Morasca said:

“People are going to expect a lot… they say ‘you guys won Survivor so you should be able to win any show you’re going to be on.”

The two Survivors will have plenty of competition from Olympicans Andy Finch and Tommy Czeschin, former NFL tight end Marcus Pollard and his wife, and Zac Sutherland, who was the youngest person to sail solo around the world, who will compete with his father.

The rest of the Amazing Race cast is made up of project managers, flight attendants, soul searchers, farmers, students, showgirls, and nurses.

The Amazing Race premiers on September 25th.

Will the two Survivors be able to win their second reality show contest? My money’s on the lifeguards.