Nicki Minaj ‘Anaconda’ Cover: Pre-Photoshop Version Of Racy Picture Leaks

Nicki Minaj has made waves with the release of a racy cover to go along with her latest since, “Anaconda,” but a newly leaked version shows that the cover isn’t all it appears.

Minaj released the picture, which shows herself squatting down in a thong bikini and showing off her backside. Nicki originally debuted the “Anaconda” artwork on her Instagram page last week, and it quickly went viral.

But now there is a new, less flattering image of Nicki Minaj floating around online. The urban news site MediaTakeOut claims to have obtained a version of the “Anaconda” artwork before Photoshop was applied.

The picture shows Nicki Minaj in the identical pose, only with a darker skin tone and a bit more weight in her midsection.

The site noted:

“Nicki Minaj is causing STIR in social media after the release of her new album ANACONDA. Well we got ahold of the ORIGINAL PHOTO of her cakes – before it was PHOTOSHOPPED.

Looks pretty good to us… but we’re sure Nicki HATERS are gonna find a way to TRASH HER OVER IT!!!”

There may be reason to doubt the new version of the “Anaconda” cover. MediaTakeOut offers no source for the picture, and the original, supposedly non-Photoshopped version actually appears blurrier than the touched up version.

Whether it is authentic or not, it’s clear the “Anaconda” cover is already quite popular. MTV News also reported that there are already several Nicki Minaj-inspired products on the market, including wall clocks, T-shirts, and even shower curtains. Some sites are even selling an “Anaconda” cover onesie for babies.

The cover is also making waves in the music world. Katy Perry herself had a pretty racy reply after seeing the single cover.

Those who want to see the original Nicki Minaj “Anaconda” cover for comparison’s sake can click here for the pre-Photoshop picture.