Tornado Hits Boston Suburb Revere, Massachusetts

A tornado struck Boston suburb Revere, Massachusetts, Monday morning, downing trees, closing several streets, and crashing multiple cars. Despite the damage to trees and homes, no serious injuries were reported.

The National Weather Service confirmed the tornado, noting it was the first time in at least 64 years that a twister touched down in the community. Mayor Dan Rizzo told The Boston Globe, “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

National Weather Service personnel sent to Revere to inspect the damage confirmed the tornado, while forecasters said their damage assessment was continuing so that the intensity, length, and width of the twister’s path could be determined. The finding was no surprise for Revere residents, one of whom called their neighborhood a “war zone.”

Deputy Fire Chief Michael Viviano added, “We just have dozens and dozens of reports of trees down, wires down, a couple of partial building collapses. [The damage is] all over. Pick a street.”

Mayor Rizzo said it looked like the storm came up through the Boston suburb’s central business district and surrounding neighborhoods. He added, “The main thing right now we’re trying to deal with is obviously the live power lines and the downed trees.” notes that radar confirmed a tornado touched down in the Boston suburb 10 minutes before the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for Essex County. Residents, including Dan Smith, owner of Vertuccio & Smith Funeral Home in Revere, were caught off guard by the tornado.

Smith recalled of the storm, “I was downstairs doing some paperwork and I heard the pounding on a side door. I went upstairs because the way the door was shaking indicated to me that it was more than just bad weather.” When Smith got outside, he “saw the awning lift up and just go sailing away.”

About three thousand customers in Revere were without power due to the tornado. National Grid spokesman Jake Navarro wasn’t sure when the power would be turned back on. He told the Globe, “It is hard to say right now because we are just trying to make the area safe and then we are going to work on repairs…. Some of the lines on the ground can be live.”

Meanwhile, a shelter was opened at a middle school for residents who needed a place to go. Rizzo stated, “Again, this is going to be a little bit of a process as we try to dig ourselves out of this.”

The tornado that struck Revere, Massachusetts was part of a quick-moving severe thunderstorm system that also flooded other parts of the Boston area.

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