UFO Over Toronto? Mysterious Lights Spark Conspiracy Theories

A suspected UFO has Toronto residents trading conspiracy theories. On Saturday evening, authorities received several reports of unexplained lights in the night sky. Although witnesses provided numerous theories, the lights’ source remains unknown.

Toronto Police Sergeant Barry White confirmed the lights were first reported at approximately 7:00 pm. Three hours later, the calls were still coming in. The sergeant admits “there was something up there.” As reported by The Star, he is unsure what caused the display.

Although the witnesses were somewhat concerned, the department rarely investigates UFO sightings. Toronto authorities said the lights did not pose an immediate risk, and a full investigation would have wasted time and resources. Sergeant White explains:

“If it was something dangerous and we could do something under the criminal code, we might. Police would go try and check it out… But to actually go and investigate it further as a UFO — I don’t think we would.”

Sarah Chun, age 36, observed the mysterious lights for nearly 30 minutes. Chun describes a distinct grouping of seven flashing lights, which were arranged diagonally. She said she initially thought they were stars. However, as reported by Toronto Sun, she soon realized they were “too bright” to be stars.

After approximately 25 minutes, the unexplained lights “kind of flew, and then disappeared.” Although Chun said she cannot confirm “it was an alien,” she said the lights defy explanation.

Chun recorded the suspected UFO with her tablet and posted the clip on YouTube. The film soon went viral, as viewers attempted to explain their origin. Some viewers suggested the lights could have belonged to a police or government drone. However, White denied the possibility.

Although it was not a police drone, it could have been privately owned. White suggested the lights may have belonged to a remote control helicopter. However, his suspicions were not confirmed, as he “never talked to the person who had it.”

The origin of the Toronto UFO will likely remain unknown, as nobody has claimed responsibility for the mysterious lights. Traditionally, UFO sightings like the one in Toronto gain a lot of attention.

As the origin of the lights are rarely revealed, witnesses seem to enjoy discussing the possibilities. Although there is no known proof that UFOs and aliens exist, they often lead to entertaining conspiracy theories.

The UFO over Toronto still has not been explained. However, authorities are certain that it did not pose any threat to the city or its residents.

[Image via Studioo Pinii]