‘Baby Elephant Vs A Cat’: You Won’t Believe How It Ends [Video]

In this “Baby Elephant vs a Cat” video, we’re shown a brief showdown between two unlikely rivals, and the elephant’s reaction to the fearless feline. This looks like a battle of wits, and the winner might surprise you!

As a mother elephant and her young one make their way down a dirt path at Elephant Nature Park with sprouts of grass nearby, it doesn’t seem like anything is happening. A cat stands near the grass looking on as the two seem oblivious.

As countless nature shows — and possibly school — have taught us, however, elephants have an excellent memory, and the young one definitely noticed the orange watcher.

The cat simply stays in place and watches as the curious baby elephant comes back to see what the furry little distraction is. This is where things get interesting, as the cat appears ready to take it on in a bout of hilarity between small and massive animals in a fight leading to the eventual humiliation of the other.

If cat videos have taught us anything, it’s that the furry little felines love to play around and sometimes attack larger animals. The younger elephant walks right up to the cat, waving its trunk in a friendly manner, probably looking to make a new friend, but the cat isn’t interested, and makes a threatening motion.

The younger elephant sees the cat trying to look tough and backs away, obviously seeing its attempt at friendship rejected. It approaches again and waves its trunk a little more violently, which causes the cat to start walking away. What happens next is priceless!

The young elephant knows the cat is still watching as it turns and walks away, but not before stopping to shake its leg at the cat as if to say, “go away.”

The “Baby Elephant vs a Cat” video ends with the cat looking like it’s just been insulted, knowing it has lost this battle of wits.

[image via elephantjournal, animal-backgrounds]