Kim Kardashian Kissed Stepbrother Brandon, Claims Brody Jenner

The latest installment of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which aired on Sunday, was a revealing one, as they usually are, but in this case even more than usual.

Brody Jenner made a shocking claim during the episode that Kim Kardashian had once shared an intimate kiss with her stepbrother, Brandon.

The topic only came up in the first place because Brody Jenner was talking about how grossed out he felt when he walked next to Kim while she took sexy selfies.

Kris Jenner interjected, possibly in order to divert the conversation from what she knew was coming by mentioning Kim Kardashian’s selfie book that she is currently working on. Kris quipped, “I feel like Brody is crushing on Kim.”

But then Brody piped up and called out his older brother, mentioning a certain romantic incident between the two back in the day: “That was [Brandon] and Kim, you are forgetting that. They kissed back in the day!”

Of course, Kris appeared shocked by the allegations and blurted out an impromptu: “What!?… Oh my God.”

Even though, by all accounts, Brandon Jenner turned a little red and hung his head, he did deny the rumor under his breath, saying simply “It’s not true.” But Brody continued, “It’s on you now! And he knows it’s true.”

The subject was awkwardly changed by Brandon Jenner who decided to start waffling about the beauty of the islands they were going to vacation on.

Perhaps Brandon’s diversion of the subject was a case of quick thinking for him as he was very keen to get off the touchy subject of whether or not he kissed his stepsister Kim Kardashian once upon a time.

For her part Kris Jenner did well to button her lip and not force Brandon into a situation, on camera, where he had to divulge anything further.