Mini Cooper S Gets Maxi-Tuner Treatment, 220 HP

German tuner Maxi-Tuner has given the 2014 MINI Cooper S an upgrade package which boosts the little car over the 200 mark. This is the 12th year the new Mini Cooper has been on the market and just before it becomes a teenager, Maxi decided to give it the tuner treatment. And it’s impressive.

Maxi-Tuner is, of course, a premier German tuning shop and this kit includes much more than just a chip upgrade or added decals. The 192 horsepower and 280 Newtons (206 lb-ft) the original Mini Cooper S outputs is significantly upgraded with the Maxi upgrade.

The upgrade kit includes a stainless steel exhaust system, chip tuning, lowered springs, 18-inch Schmidt alloy wheels, and 215-35 Goodyear rubber. The kit for the Mini Cooper S can be purchased as engine-update only parts, as a complete kit, or as parts only. Prices begin as the lowered springs at 279 Euro ($375 USD), engine tuning parts for 899 Euros ($1,208 USD), and wheels at 1,498 Euros ($2,013 USD).


Adding these bits to your Mini Cooper S will upgrade the horsepower output from the aforementioned 192 to a whopping 220 HP. The torque output also sees a big boost, taking it from the factory Mini Cooper’s 280 up to 340 Nm (251 lb-ft). Although performance numbers aren’t available yet, this would take the Mini Cooper S from its factory 0-62 mph time of 6.7 seconds to roughly a full second gain, if it’s just about math. The Mini Cooper in-factory configuration also has a top speed of 146 mph, which would likely be boosted by this new kit as well (especially given the Goodyears being added).

The new look for the Mini Cooper is also great and Maxi-Tuner wasted no effort in getting photos of the car with their kit out to the world. Auto Evolution has a full gallery you can view, which has more than the few photos we’re able to show you here.


These upgrades are significant and this may be the best tuning kit available for the Mini Cooper thus far. This popular little car is the subject of more modifications, tuning, racing, rallying, and more than almost any other car you can name. The Mini Cooper, even without its Austin Powers cred, is a long-running favorite the world over. Whatever you might think of the Mini Cooper and its quirks, it’s a car many people love.

Almost as cool as this Maxi-Tuner Mini Cooper S: the LEGO Mini. For a full review of the factory stock Mini Cooper, see this New York Times writeup.