‘More Boobs, Less Guns’: Open Carry Gun Group Offended By Topless Protesters [Video]

A group of gun rights advocates in Austin, Texas, demonstrating in support of “open carry” laws, which would allow them to carry their guns in public, found themselves the target of an unusual counter-protest Saturday when two women bearing signs reading “More Boobs, Less Guns,” and also baring their breasts, attempted to disrupt the open carry event.

The open carry demonstration, carried out by a gun rights group calling itself — according to its Facebook page — Come And Take It Texas, was like most such demonstrations in that in involved the protesters parading around in public with rifles and other long weapons, which are legal to carry openly.

Female toplessness is also legal in the state of Texas, as it is in more than 30 of the 50 U.S. states, though Austin is reportedly the only city where the law has been tested.

Some of the open carry gun rights advocates reacted with disgust at the two women openly exposing their breasts, with one Facebook post deriding them as “skanky topless libtards” and another declaring, “These boobs should be concealed, my eyes have been assaulted.”

Other seemed to react more with annoyance, or even a sense of humor, as one woman posted on the Come And Take It Texas page, “Wish I had been there… I would have pulled off my top and displayed boobs AND guns… and made me a sign that said… ‘Why choose? Have both!'”

As reported by Raw Story, the topless protesters also taunted the open carry demonstrators with a placard reading, “You realize that everyone thinks you’re overcompensating for your teeny tiny ‘gun’ right?”

Interestingly, the most pointed reaction appeared to come not from the open carry marchers themselves, but from a national radio talk show host, conservative Dana Loesch, who made a point of tweeting her revulsion.

Loesch’s Twitter followers were equally repulsed.

@DLoesch @EricReedGRAA Lol can’t people just act civilized?

— Nick Ventimiglia (@NickVenti708) July 27, 2014

But Loesch’s tweet followed the lead of the Come And Take It Texas Facebook page in incorrectly identifying the “boobs” protesters as members of the group MDA, or Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. That tweet elicited a quick response from MDA founder Shannon Watts.

Finally, one of the women involved in the “boobs” ant-gun action cleared up the matter on her own Facebook page.

“The only group I belong to involves my own pervy nature,” wrote the woman identifying herself as Phyllis Perpendicula Masters. “Nice reporting morons, your stories are lies as usual. And the comments about our boobs are HYSTERICAL! By the way, we were told we are a disgrace to our race by a couple of the open carry guys.”

The above video was recorded by Come And Take It Texas, showing a street debate that took place between the gun advocates and the topless women. The women’s exposed breasts have been obscured in the video.