Kaley Cuoco Gets ‘Sweeting’ Visit On Set Of ‘Burning Bodhi’ [Photos]

Kaley Cuoco had her husband, Ryan Sweeting, visit her in New Mexico this weekend (he’s still there)! The Big Bang Theory actress is filming a movie in a fairly remote location, and she had been missing her main man — so a visit was definitely in order! According to Kaley’s Instagram account, she had a great time with Ryan. The two were able to hang out in-between takes on the set of Burning Bodhi, but also got to spend some quality time together when Kaley wasn’t working.

“Someone came to visit me in New Mexico,” Kaley wrote along with this photo.

“Had some free time, so meandered over yonder to the ole saloon and it was a hoot! #ontheshootphotography #newmexico,” Kaley captioned this shot.

“Thank you @elizabethmessina for capturing this moment between and my hubs between takes ❤️ #burningbodhi #brooding #husbandscureall,” wrote Kaley with this romantic pic.

As far as Kaley Cuoco’s career goes, there have been plenty of rumors that she won’t be returning for Season 8 of The Big Bang Theory. Many outlets say that Kaley wants to focus on her movie career and that she is willing to walk away from the popular CBS show if she doesn’t get the money she feels she deserves (reportedly $1 million an episode). According to Hallels.com, Kaley has not spoken out about the rumors or mentioned that she would be leaving the show — but contract negotiations with most of the cast are still ongoing.

Naturally, everyone expects that Kaley will be back for Season 8 and that the case of The Big Bang Theory will be able to ink deals and begin filming for the new season because the show is so popular and just wouldn’t work without a piece of the genius puzzle that has been put together. Would you be sad to see Kaley walk away from TBBT?

In other Kaley Cuoco news, the actress was a star at Comic-Con last week, even though she didn’t attend the event. According to The Inquisitr, the trailer for Kaley’s “ape movie” from The Big Bang Theory was shown during the show’s panel on Friday. There weren’t any major Season 8 spoilers given away, but fans enjoyed hearing about plot lines and what is in store for Penny, Leonard, Sheldon, and the gang. Naturally, including Kaley in the commentary suggests that the actress will be returning and that things will be worked out soon.

[Photo courtesy of Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting / Instagram]