Watch This Kitten Trying To Wash His Own Feet, And You Will Be In A Good Mood All Day

Apparently, washing your own feet isn’t as easy as it looks. At least if you’re a kitten.

But we have to admit, while Baby Joe Joe, the kitten in this video, must be feeling a but frustrated and confused, he also can’t help being just about the cutest, most heart-melting little guy we’ve seen in a while.

This type of grooming behavior is basic for cats, who are the neat-freaks of the animal kingdom. In fact, it’s believed that while cats sleep two out of every three hours in the day, they spend half of those precious waking hours grooming and cleaning themselves.

Most kittens are grooming themselves by the age of three — weeks, that is. Before that, it’s mommy cat’s job. But once a kitten gets started grooming, it can take a few weeks to really perfect the art form.

So here’s Baby Joe Joe, doing his level best to figure it all out. Take a few minutes to watch him try — especially if your mood needs a little lift today.

Happy grooming, kittens!

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