'Deadpool' Movie Is On? Test Footage Trailer Leaked

The Deadpool movie is officially under way, as revealed in a recently leaked test footage trailer which seems to fix what was wrong with the character's debut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. A lot is still unknown about the possible continuity between the two movies, but this could simply be a reboot starring the same actor.

You can't see Ryan Reynolds at all as the clip begins, which is a good sign from the beginning. When we saw his face the first time, it was only the first of many disappointments that Fox would need to fix to appease the fans. In the comics, he wears the mask to hide his grotesquely disfigured face, and in the trailer, Reynolds gives us an entirely different reason.

We know it's Ryan Reynolds behind the mask because his voice is clearly heard.

The trademark humor is present as well, as the character talks throughout the majority of the Deadpool movie trailer. In keeping with his comic book origins, Deadpool throws out inappropriate jokes at seriously intense moments. This is true to the character because he has an almost artificial version of Wolverine's healing factor, so he can't die, taking the fear of death out of the equation. He is also insane because what he went through to get to that point broke his mind.

The video begins with him talking to the audience, a side effect of his insanity and the writers' attempt at meta humor, but not after jamming out to some vulgar music as he sits on the edge of a bridge. He breaks the fourth wall as he starts out:

"Oh hello there, I bet you're wondering why the red suit. Well that's so bad guys can't see me bleed."
Deadpool sees a car full of said bad guys approaching below and calls out to them, following up with, "Let's hope these guys are wearing their brown pants."

Dropping straight in through the sun roof, Deadpool proceeds to crack jokes before killing off the car's inhabitants. This sends the car into an airborne spiral directly toward a guy on a motorcycle, who he beheads after showing him the contract in mid-air.

The hilarity continues straight to the end of the Deadpool movie trailer, which appears to maintain the R rating that fans expect from the Merc with a Mouth.

It appears Fox is going for humor in the upcoming Deadpool movie instead of the serious tone of their previous films, and it could easily pay off.

Are you ready for Ryan Reynolds' return to the role in a film that attempts to stick to the comics more?

[image via moviepilot]