Busted! Paris Hilton Kisses Mystery Man On Beach – Her Boyfriend Isn’t Around

Paris Hilton was spotted on the beach in front of her Malibu mansion yesterday locking lips with somone the Daily Mail is calling a “mystery man,” and Paris’ boyfriend of nearly two years, Finnish-Spanish model River Viiperi, is nowhere in sight!

According to the Press Portal, Hilton and the mystery man slipped away from a party being given by Paris for a quick swim and maybe a little bodyboarding — or at least posing with a bodyboard. Paris Hilton, wearing a crocheted monokini and her hair up in two looped ponytails at the base of her neck, passionately kissed the mystery man, evidently closing the final chapter on her relationship with River Viiperi.

Both Paris and River have posted cryptic messages via social media in recent weeks.

From River’s Instagram account earlier this month:

And from Paris Hilton’s Instagram account on Friday:

Hilton’s ensuing tweets and posts declared nothing but fun and happiness concerning her Malibu beach party, where, according to Paris’ Instagram account, Charlie Sheen was in attendance:

The Hotel Heiress, slash singer, slash spokeswoman, slash DJ, just released her second album, Come Alive, on Cash Money Records. In the video for the first single, Come Alive, Paris flits about in a dream world of color, flowers, pink clouds, and — yes — unicorns.

Hilton made her musical debut with the 2006 album, Paris, a record led by the reggae-syled pop track “Stars are Blind,” which peaked at 18 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart. Hilton’s next single, the aptly-named “Paris,” climbed to number 6. She followed that effort with a few one-off songs before recording her second album last year.

Earlier this month, as reported by The Inquisitr, Paris Hilton gave an interview with Elle Magazine in which she compared herself to Albert Einstein. However, nowhere in the interview did Paris indicate that her relationship with River Viiperi was over. However, last March, when asked about being in a relationship with a man 11 years younger than her, Hilton replied:

“It’s not an issue at all. We both look and feel the same age, so it’s perfect!”

When asked about the last romantic thing River did for her, Paris said:

“He made me a really beautiful piece of art, and wrote me a beautiful letter. He does sweet things all the time.”

Finally, when asked if she was ready for marriage and motherhood, according to OK! Magazine, Paris Hilton said:

“Not yet! I’m too busy. One day, but not yet!”

Paris Hilton is currently in Belize, furthering her DJ career.