Stacy Keibler Baby Bump: Clooney’s Ex Shows Off Growing Baby Bump On Instagram

Stacy Keibler has been showing off her baby bump on Instagram, chronicling her pregnancy every couple of weeks. According to The SpreadIt, George Clooney’s ex is expecting a baby girl with her husband, Jared Pobre. The 34-year-old former professional wrestler has been staying fit throughout her pregnancy, sharing workout tips and tricks that are safe for baby. Keibler has been very open about her pregnancy, and her fans simply love learning all the ways the mom-to-be is staying healthy whilst carrying a baby.

Stacy Keibler’s baby bump has popped up many times on social media. Keibler looks and feels great, and she says she feels healthier than ever. She has caused a bit of controversy, however, because she has been a bit outspoken when it comes to eating healthy and not indulging in junk food. Some women don’t want to be frowned upon for eating whatever they crave, and some felt that Keibler was being a bit condescending with her comments.

“She stated that she never had any craving and thinks that it is wrong to eat junk food just because she is pregnant. The blonde beauty added that she only uses organic food and products (she is a big fan of Earth Mama Angel Baby products) since discovering that she was expecting.”

Along with Stacy Keibler’s baby bump photos comes speculation over what she will name her daughter. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Stacy and Jared already know what their baby girl’s name will be — but they are keeping it a secret. Keibler seems very excited to be having her first child, and she is doing everything she can to keep herself feeling good for the next few weeks, until she gets to meet her little one.

Keibler has also adapted her fashion choices for her bump, something that she’s proud of. According to People Magazine, Keibler loves to dress in bright colors and has adapted a Boho chic look whilst sporting her baby bump — and, of course, she looks amazing.

“From ruffled neon dresses to peasant blouses paired with rolled denim shorts, see how the soon-to-be new mom keeps her look fun and flirty while expecting.”

Do you think Stacy Keibler looks good pregnant? Do you like her baby bump style?

[Photo courtesy of Yahoo! Celebrity]