‘Watch Dogs’ Keeps Iron Grip On UK Sales Charts

Watch Dogs might still be getting some less than wonderful reviews, but it’s still the most popular game among all formats, according to the UK Sales Charts.

Watch Dogs is Ubisoft’s biggest release in quite some time, thanks in part to a rather original take on open-world adventure games. While some have said Watch Dogs doesn’t go far enough to celebrate what can be done in the game, people are still snapping it up.

The iron grip that Watch Dogs has on the UK Sales charts has allowed the game to capture the top spot for the third straight week. This is also the sixth time since Watch Dogs hit the market that it has finished on top.

Watch Dogs might have been the big winner this week, but Minecraft developer Mojang had a pretty good run as well. It couldn’t push Watch Dogs out of the top spot, but Minecraft for Xbox 360 finished third and the version for the PS3 finished seventh. Considering the next generation version is said to be quickly on the way, Mojang has become a real player in the video games industry.

Watch Dogs maker Ubisoft is a pretty big player in the industry already. While Watch Dogs is the company’s only game in the top 10, it does have two titles in the top 15. Watch Dogs is joined by Assassin’s Creed 4 among the most popular Ubisoft games in the UK.

While Watch Dogs has been unchallenged in the last three weeks, in large part because there haven’t been any big releases, we’re starting to hit that time of the year when more AAA titles will hit the market.

Watch Dogs will face its first big challenger later this week when The Last of Us Remastered hits the PS4. It seems likely that Watch Dogs will get challenged later this fall when Assassin’s Creed Unity gets released.

On the other hand, if Watch Dogs is still at or near the top of the UK Sales chart when Unity is released it would be a show of strength considering the newest Assassin’s Creed isn’t due out until October 28.

It seems more likely that the first game that will definitely knock Watch Dogs off its perch will be Destiny on September 9. Ubisoft also has some odd waters to ford when it comes to the UK Charts.

Watch Dogs has been fending off FIFA 14 for quite a while now, and that game is almost a year old now. When FIFA 15 is released on September 23, it could relegate Watch Dogs to a lower spot in the rankings.