October 20, 2016
Carjack Killers Philadelphia: 2 Men In Questioning After 3 Children Killed In Philadelphia Carjacking

Two carjack killers in Philadelphia are being sought by police after three children were killed. According to The Christian Post, police are speaking with at least two men: a 19-year-old African-American and the other is a 20-year-old Hispanic man. Both suspects were picked up at their home, several miles away from the scene of a terrible crash. It's unknown if police believe that the men were responsible for carjacking a Toyota 4Runner at gunpoint on Friday, but it certainly seems that way.

"The two thieves [allegedly stole] the car from an unnamed victim, 45... As they raced away from the scene of the crime, the car blew a tire and they slammed into a family, leaving three dead and three injured."

The carjack killers in Philadelphia still have not been arrested, but police have been talking with the two men extensively. If the two men are the primary suspects, whom police say fled on foot after the crash, police should be making arrests soon.

The Toyota SUV ended up running over a family selling fruit to help raise money for their church. The three children were with their 45-year-old mother, and another unidentified woman who was 65 years old. The two women are in the hospital in critical condition, but all three children were killed.

"Keiearra Williams, 15, Thomas Joseph Reed, 10, and Terrence Williams, 7, died as a result of the crash. The 10-year-old passed away at the scene, while the other two children were pronounced dead at hospitals."

Philadelphia police offered a reward for information leading to the carjack killers. According to Officer.com, officials offered a $110,000 reward to anyone who came to them with information that led to an arrest. It is unclear if police found the aforementioned men due to information from a witness. According to the report, the reward money was "posted by the city and the Fraternal Order of Police."

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the scene was very chaotic. The granddaughter of the 65-year-old woman explained her feelings after the accident.

"All they said was my grandma got hit, and there were bodies everywhere. My heart was about to jump out of my chest."

As of Sunday, police said that they had a "number of concrete leads." It is unknown if they are looking for more suspects or if they are solely focused on the two men that they brought in for questioning. Hopefully, an arrest is made soon.

[Photo courtesy of Fox News / Twitter]