Dwyane Wade Makes An Amazing One Handed Catch [Video]

Dwyane Wade won’t be throwing or catching any incredible passes from LeBron James this coming season. So, instead, Dwyane Wade has taken to catching passes from Brandon Marshall. Marshall, who plays for the Chicago Bears, and Wade, who is from the Chicago area, were working together at a camp Wade puts on every year.

They stacked pizza boxes on two chairs in the middle of the gym, creating a target for Marshall to throw through. Dwyane Wade ran a short post route (kind of lazy if you ask us) and Marshall let the pass go. Being a wide receiver, not much should have been expected of Marshall’s passing accuracy. Sure enough, the throw was considerably behind Wade, who managed to reel in a nice one handed catch. The whole gym went wild. Dwyane Wade share about the experience on Instagram.

“@btm15 and myself having alil fun after our camp this past week.. I’m not saying I could play in the NFL.. I’m just saying the boy wasn’t bad in his day..#havingalilfunatthesametimegivingback #Bears”

The camp was full of memorable moments. While the one handed football catch provided the most exciting sports moment for campers, the funniest moment went to the kid who asked Dwyane Wade a pretty amazing question.

Of course, when the Miami Heat season rolls around, Dwyane Wade will probably not be having as much fun. With LeBron James leaving to rejoin the Cleveland Cavaliers, Wade and Chris Bosh have a lot of work to do. Pat Riley managed to get Luol Deng, but the talent disparity between James and Deng is enough to see the Heat as a borderline playoff team.

All the same, Dwyane Wade can catch a football.