Victoria Beckham Forced to Wear Flats. In Public, Even

Victoria Beckham is reportedly at her “breaking point” after a back injury has interfered with her ability to care for baby Harper Seven and required her to appear in public wearing flats like a poor person, or something.

One place Mrs. David Beckham has not been active recently is the microblogging site Twitter, where her last entry was way back on August 19th. She most recently tweeted thanking fans and followers for all the “kind messages,” adding that she was “feeling much better” and that she’s “enjoying every precious minute with baby Harper.”

Beckham was spotted August 24th in a dress and ballet flats, and a source says the star is recovering from an unspecified back injury- necessitating she abandon her couture footwear. An unnamed source allegedly close to the pop star turned fashion maven dished a bit on why Beckham was wearing flats, and whether she even be able to attend Fashion Week in New York next month. The source confided:

“She’ll have to see how she feels… Heels will put added pressure on the damaged area but it’s healing well, so it may not be an issue in another couple weeks.”

While the source says that heels could be risky for Posh, he or she also disclosed that Beckham’s worries were a bit bigger than footwear right now as the injury has made caring for Harper a bit physically trying:

“Victoria’s a wonderful mum, but she’s stressing out right now… She’s trying to be as hands-on as possible, but the lack of sleep, the constant sleep and her bad back are really putting her at a low ebb.”

The star’s friend added that Victoria “surely can’t cope with much more.”