Christians In China Say They Are Ready To Be Imprisoned And Die For Their Faith

When it comes to the world and Christianity, it is almost guaranteed that most of the world will show true persecution, which includes imprisonment and death. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported how Christians in the Middle East are being killed, especially in Islamic nations. Even buildings dedicated to Christianity have been destroyed, including one that was over 1,800 years old.

Now another country has Christians who are very strong in their faith willing to be imprisoned and even die for Jesus Christ. That country is China, and it is quite amazing because of how China views Christianity and represses all religious activities by Christians.

1800-year-old church in Mosul, Iraq burned by ISIS Muslim terrorists.

In an initial report by Persecution International Christian Concern, during the 32nd night of the vigil of Christians in China guarding their church cross, around 400 police officers attempted to forcibly remove it from the ShuTou Salvation Church in Pingyang County, Wenzhou City.

Police beat many Christians with iron batons, severely injuring four. Bloody pictures and videos of the riots from the incident are now circulating China’s social network. Because of this, local Christians reported that 1,000 Christians formed a human blockade and guarded the church, and even though police retreated after a one-hour attack, the Christians remained steady for continuous attacks from the government.

This is just one of many incidents happening to churches in the Zhejiang Province with their ongoing anti-church campaign. Over 360 churches were completely or partially demolished under the lie of “removing or modifying illegal constructions.”

Chinese Christians

The New York Times followed up on the story with further explanation of what Christianity is doing in the country. Mayfair Yang, a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, had this to say about what the growth of the faith is doing to China locally:

“As Christianity becomes stronger, it jostles up against other religions.”

Those other religions are also to be receiving a lot of support from the Communist Party, including Buddhism, which is being praised for its contributions to China. Traditional religious sites have expanded with strong government support. Even certain religious acts such as fortune telling, feng shui, and traditional funerary rituals are protected under government programs to support “intangible cultural heritage.”

Unfortunately for Christianity, the Chinese government sees it as a colonial vestige at odds with the party’s control of political and social life. Professor Yang even added in the following:

“There’s uneasiness that some of these Christian religions are getting infusions of logistical and financial and doctrinal support from abroad.”

In the end, whether the government allows Christians to have churches and worship Jesus Christ is not the concern of the Christians in the area. Their views are made clear. Zhang Zhi, a Chinese Christian, even said the following in a letter:

“I have packed clothes and toiletries, ready to go to prison anytime. I have told my wife and parents. Even though they are worried, they understand.”

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