Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Kobe Bryant Needs More Help Than Byron Scott

If the Los Angeles Lakers rumors from this weekend remain true, Byron Scott will be their next coach. Scott, a member of the showtime Lakers and a former mentor to Kobe Bryant, has reportedly agreed to a four-year contract worth about $17 million. Although the Lakers have waited until late in the offseason to find their new head coach, there has been little doubt that Byron Scott would be their man.

While the Lakers hiring Byron Scott is sure to stir up some nostalgia for Lakers fans, the reality is that the team is treading water. In what can only be described as a disappointing offseason, the Lakers failed to land a major free agent. With LeBron James going home to Cleveland and Carmelo Anthony deciding to remain in New York, the Lakers were called for strike three when Pau Gasol decided to walk. In a strange turn of events, Gasol left the Lakers for the Chicago Bulls and the Lakers signed Carlos Boozer, whom the Bulls amnestied to be able to sign Gasol.

Although Kobe Bryant has been largely optimistic about the moves made by the Lakers this offseason, the reality is the Lakers will need more than Byron Scott and Carlos Boozer if they want to turn things around. Kobe is in the twilight of his career, Carlos Boozer is inconsistent at best, and Julius Randle is an unknown commodity. Is there anyone left that the Lakers could look to for help?

With most of the major free agents off the board, the only options for the Lakers are veteran players. Several Los Angeles Lakers rumors have focused on the team bringing in Shawn Marion. Marion would be a great addition to the Lakers who could help train the young players on the roster. He could also serve as a short term option until next season, when the Lakers hope to make a push for Kevin Love.

As the free agent pool continues to dry up, the Lakers options continue to dwindle. Most of the remaining free agents are forwards, and the Lakers are already beginning to crowd their front court. There could be a trade in their future with Carlos Boozer, but that is largely dependent upon his ability to perform early in the season. Either way, Lakers rumors will continue to surround the team until they start winning.

[Image via getnetworth.com and hangtime blog]