Digg Will Address Duplicate Entries. Sadly Tools Not Included, But Top Submitters Are.

Digg has advised that their popular social voting site will be addressing duplicate entries and other issues.

Anton Kast, head of R&D for Digg said in a post to the Digg blog:

Duplicate submissions have been an ongoing issue, and we are working on several new tools that will help address this. Improvements in duplication detection are underway and expected soon. We’re also working on a new system that will, among other things, allow us to track users who abusively submit duplicate content. While we haven’t fully hammered out all the details, the tool will likely include warnings and limits on duplicate submissions.

Sadly, Digg won’t be getting rid of tools, sorry Digg members who do nothing more than down vote other members. No, apparently those participate too much need fixing:

Another area of recent community debate has focused on home page diversity, and the concentration of certain popular submitters. Our goal is to give each person a fair chance at getting his or her submission promoted to the home page. Digg’s promotional algorithm aims to ensure that the most popular content Dugg by a diverse, unique group of diggers reaches the home page. Since Digg began over four years ago, we’ve been making ongoing tweaks to the promotional algorithm. We spend a lot of time analyzing the data and improving the system. While most of these changes go unnoticed, we will be testing different approaches to increase submitter diversity in the upcoming months.

I’m divided on the last point; on one hand, I know a couple of the top guys and know they are good value, but likewise we don’t get a good run on Digg, so opening it up some more might help us.

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