Cleveland Browns Rumors: Brian Hoyer Beating Johnny Manziel On The Field

The Cleveland Browns rumors leading up to the start of the NFL season will continue to be about one thing until a decision is made. Who will be the Browns’ starting quarterback when they step on the field in week one against the Pittsburgh Steelers. More and more, it is looking like Brian Hoyer will be the man, not Johnny Manziel.

As much as his detractors would like to attribute Johnny Manziel not being the starting quarterback to his off the field issues, the reality is that Brian Hoyer is beating him on the field. Cleveland Browns rumors coming out of training camp suggest that Brian Hoyer is so far advanced over Manziel when it comes to running the offense, and it is highly unlikely Browns fans will be seeing Manziel much early in the season.

First year Browns head coach Mike Pettine confirmed to the Chronicle Telegram that Brian Hoyer is hands down his number one quarterback.

“Well, they’re going to compete, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to take equal time with the ones. Brian is the starting quarterback right now, we can still evaluate Johnny’s reps regardless of who he’s out there with. I think a lot will be made of, wait a minute, he hasn’t been with the (ones). To me, it’s something that we can still evaluate, give him a specific grade based on his footwork, how he called the play, what he read during that play — all the stuff that’s in his control.”

Workouts last week led to a wave of Cleveland Browns rumors that Johnny Manziel was slipping big time, which led to more noise being made about his partying and not studying the new offense. Many have made the smart distinction that Manziel’s real problem is that he is young and untested. While it is completely possible that his off the field activities have led to Manziel falling behind where he should be, the reality is that he is trying to learn a new offense and how to play the hardest position in the NFL.

Pettine has said that he will not make a decision about his starting quarterback until the third preseason game, but if training camp so far is any indication of his intentions, Cleveland Browns fans will probably be seeing a lot of Brian Hoyer this season. Of course, that won’t stop the Johnny Manziel rumors from swirling around the Cleveland Browns.

[Image via Elite Daily]