Best News Of The Day: 7 Reasons Why Drinking (Moderately) Is Good For You

We all know that drinking can be bad for you — and for those around you. That’s not what this video from our good pals at BuzzFeed is about. No, we are gathered here today not to condemn drinking, but to praise it. In this 90-second video, you’ll learn seven scientifically true health benefits of consuming alcohol.

In moderation, of course!

Drinking to excess or getting hammered on a regular basis is never a good idea, and it always bears repeating that drinking and driving is one of the absolute worst and most dangerous things you can do. But we’re talking today about very moderate drinking.

In fact, the health benefits of alcohol consumption actually decline with each drink after your first one.

But in the video, you’ll learn, among other facts, that alcohol in moderation helps to slow the effects of aging help combat Alzheimer’s and other memory deficiencies and even help prevent gum disease. The latter applies to wine which contains antioxidants which help cleanse your mouth of harmful bacteria.

Red wine also contains resveratol, a antioxidant which in mice has been found to lengthen life span.

Now, again, the caveat that applies here is that all drinking should be done sensibly and responsibly. And if you have a problem with alcohol addiction, or if that problem runs in your family, doctors strongly suggest that you simply do not drink at all.

Otherwise — drink up! Moderately. It’s good for you.