Disturbing Video Shows Drunk 9-Year-Old At A New Zealand Skate Park, Brother Says ‘It’s All Good’ [NSFW VIDEO]

Disturbing video at New Zealand skate park shows a nine-year-old boy drunk at a skate park with his friends while a man that claims to be his brother says, “It’s all good.”

Surfacing on YouTube back in January, the video captured by an appalled member of the community shows the nine-year-old stumbling around the skate park, holding a can of Cody’s RTD bourbon and cola that contained 7% alcohol.

Police found out that the boy had actually consumed eight cans of the alcoholic beverage in addition to two shots of liqour.

According to The New Zealand Herald, neither the boys mother nor his father had any idea that their son had consumed any alcohol, and appeared distraught when police approached them after receiving multiple calls regarding the situation.

Adding to the unsettling video, a man claiming to be the nine-year-old’s brother told the man filming, “bro, it’s all good… I’ve been drinking since the age of nine”.

The New Zealand Herald also reported that two men, ages 20 and 27 as well as a 25-year-old woman unrelated to the family were charged in supplying alcohol to the minor.

What would you do if this was your child? Is the child also responsible in the situation? Or are the adults who supplied the alcohol strictly to blame?

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[H/T Reddit user bleedingheartsurgery]