Girl In Japan Arrested For Murder And Dismemberment Of Her Classmate

A girl in Japan was arrested on Sunday on accusations that she was involved in the murder and dismemberment of the body of a classmate.

According to Yahoo! News, the accused girl is 15-years-old and her name was not released because she is a minor. The girl is from southwest Japan in the city of Sasebo, in Nagasaki Prefecture.

Authorities allege that the girl hit 15-year-old Aiwa Matsuo with a metal instrument before she commenced strangling her. Matsuo’s body was found on a bed in the girl’s apartment early on Sunday.

The two girls attended the same high school in Japan and graduated together.

The girl accused of the murder admitted that she strangled the other teenager and severed the victim’s head and her left hand. Investigators reported that they found tools nearby the victim’s body.

The girl lived away from her parents and said she acted alone in the murder and abuse of the body. Her parents live in the same city.

Yahoo! News reports that the victim left home to meet with friends on Saturday afternoon. Her parents quickly called the police when Matuso did not come home that same night.

Japan rarely sees such violent crime, but there have been several high-profile instances of crime among children. In 1997, two schoolchildren were murdered by a 14-year-old. The teenager severed the head of one of the victims and left it in front of school gates.

In another case, a girl in a primary school in Japan was solely responsible for the murder of her classmate when she stabbed her in 2004.

[Image via Sky News]