‘Big Brother 2014’ Spoilers: Week 5 Nominations, POV Results Are Out

Week 5 of Big Brother 2014 could be an interesting one as this next eviction may lead to some drama. Who is being targeted this week? Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds reveal the details regarding the week 5 nominations, Battle of the Block competition and Power of Veto competition.

Big Brother Network recapped the Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds. As fans know from the last show, Frankie and Zach won the two Head of Household positions. Frankie nominated Victoria and Jocasta, while Zach nominated Nicole and Christine. There were some tears from some of the ladies, and it seems there was some drama during the nomination ceremony and that should play out in Sunday night’s show.

The Battle of the Block competition had been played, and Christine and Nicole won. That means Zach loses his Head of Household spot and Frankie keeps his, with Jocasta and Victoria on the block. What about the Power of Veto competition? That has already been played as well, and Hayden won.

Frankie and Hayden have done a lot of talking, and they have a specific target: Amber. They have decided they want to backdoor Amber, but they felt they had to get Caleb to agree to the idea of putting her on the block. There has been a lot of manipulation going on, and some BB16 fans will surely be a bit creeped out by it.

Caleb interestingly has agreed that it is a good idea to put Amber on the block, as he seems to think it will put her in her place and have her crawling back to him in some sense. Caleb has even said he does not care if she goes home, though his reaction when and if that actually happens may be a bit different. However, Caleb is falling right into the trap being set regarding the plan to backdoor Amber.

The Power of Veto ceremony will be held on Monday, and at this point it does appear that Hayden will use the POV to pull Victoria off the block. Frankie is then expected to nominate Amber in Victoria’s place. Will Amber really head out the door this week? What will Caleb’s reaction be when he learns the house went in that direction?

As Buddy TV notes, not only did Frankie Grande’s grandfather pass away this past week, Derrick Levasseur’s grandfather passed away as well. As was the case with Frankie, Derrick was given the news. He also has decided to stay in the game, as he has said he is doing this for his wife and daughter and he’s not going to leave. Just how crazy will this week get in the BB16 house? Stay tuned for more Big Brother spoilers as the POV ceremony is held and Caleb and Amber learn that she is targeted for eviction.

Big Brother 2014 airs on CBS on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights.

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