Troy Tulowitzki: Rockies’ Star Name Spelled Wrong On T-Shirt Giveaway

Troy Tulowitzki or Troy Tulowizki?

Star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki’s name was misspelled on 1,500 T-shirts given away to Coors Fields fans in a promotion yesterday before a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

In last place in the National League West, the Rockies currently have one of the worst records in MLB at 43-60. The Denver Post observed that “Other wiseacres on Twitter suggested the jersey manufacturer should have left out the W (because the Rockies have fewer wins this season than losses, if that’s not clear).” Added Deadspin: “In fairness, the Rockies could be trying to trade Troy Tulowizki to the Mets and hang on to the real Tulo for themselves; you never know.”

A four-time All Star and a two-time Golden Glove winner, Troy Tulowitzki, 29, has recorded a.299 career batting average since his 2006 debut with the Rockies. His.340 batting average so far this season leads the National League. As alluded to above, has been subject to various trade rumors although he is currently on the 15-day disabled list which may or may not affect any transactions by the July 31 deadline.

Reportedly his name was also spelled incorrectly in a 2011 All-Star promotion.

Mistakes can happen to anyone, and admittedly, the Rockies infielder’s name is difficult to spell. This could give rise to an inadvertent error, but presumably that would signal the need to double and triple check it before sending the order to the printer. According to Yahoo Sports, “Maybe next time they should just stick to Tulo, since that’s almost impossible to screw up. Or better yet, just get it right before printing out 15,000 shirts.”

On its Facebook page, the Colorado Rockies apologized for the typo and said it would make good on the giveaway:

The Colorado Rockies offer our sincere apologies to the fans for the misspelling of the Troy Tulowitzki King Soopers jersey that was distributed tonight. The Rockies would also like to apologize to longtime corporate partner King Soopers, who was not involved in the production of the jerseys. Acknowledging that many fans came to the game for the jersey, rather than disappoint them, we decided to go ahead and hand them out. We have made plans to reproduce the jersey and fans wishing to exchange will be able to do so at a future date (TBD) in September at Coors Field or the Rockies Dugout Stores. In addition, fans exchanging the jersey will receive a complimentary ticket to a future game in 2014 or 2015.

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The Troy Tulowitzki typo, as would be expected, quickly showed up on social media:


Given the Troy Tulowitzki typo, do you think the Colorado Rockies will be entering a spelling bee anytime soon?