A Human Teenage Boy Can Fly? Flyboards Are The New Sporting Extreme! [Video]

If you haven’t yet heard about the flyboard, get ready to be amazed. The sport was actually invented in 2011, but is now becoming all the rage. According to the Redpath Waterfront Festival in Toronto, “Flyboarding is the newest in extreme water sports that enables humans to fly using a board that shoots out high pressurized water which comes from a jet ski.” Check out the incredible video below.

What is basically a jetpack attached to your feet allows you to fly, do flips, and plunge into the water. Competitions are now held around the world for this amazing new sport. In fact, as reported by KAXN, “Damone Rippy, a 16-year-old Lake Travis High School student, recently won the North American Flyboard Championship in Toronto.”

You can see Rippy in the video below, and watch his jaw-dropping skills. But beware, you will find yourself wanting to try this flyboard.

During an interview with WDIO, Kevin Swanson, owner of Twin Ports Flyboard, says, “You can swim like a dolphin and fly like a bird.” He goes on to say that the water actually launches the flyboard rider up to 55 feet into the air.

Rippy has only been flyboarding for one year, starting at the age of 15. Yet, he has already managed to travel the world for competitions as well as flyboarding exhibitions. He tells KAXN:

“It’s honestly the best sport that I can think of, by far. There’s no comparison to it. There’s a certain point you get where you’re comfortable on the board and once you get that then you can start doing the harder tricks and you can start pushing yourself a lot more. That’s exactly what I do. I try to push myself as hard as I can every day.”

Flyboarding is not just for the young in age, but for the young at heart, as well. Kevin Swanson’s dad, Rick, tried it at age 58. “So far, I’m the oldest,” he admitted to WDIO. “I think if I can do it, anyone can do it.”

[Photo Credit: TripShock.com]