Only 5 People Show Up To Christine O’Donnell Book Signing, One Person Wasn’t A Fan

Behold the power of the tea party! This past week former tea party favorite Christine O’Donnell was taking part in a Florida book signing in Naples, Florida, a staunchly Republican part of the state and according to reports only five people showed up to have their book signed.

Members of the media who actually cared to show up say there were more members of the media at the signing than their was people asking to have their books signed.

Realizing their poster child was not generating the type of press the Tea Party wanted they also dropped her from a rally.

According to the News-Press O’Donnell was even signing during a time when the area was swarming with tourists and vacationing locals which may have helped increase numbers to a whopping five people.

One of the people who showed up was just as batty as O’Donnell, first announcing his run for President and then saying “she’s kind of a rogue like me.”

Yet another person who showed up tried to get O’Donnell to sign a book about demonology which she refused.

After the disappointing showing the president of the Tea Party of America said last night O’Donnell would not speak at the group’s Iowa event, which already features Sarah Palin.

Apparently O’Donnell was removed when the group started receiving “emails from a lot of Tea Party folks that were very disappointed that she would be speaking.”

When the Tea Party doesn’t want you it’s time to retire from politics, after all they are willing to take anyone they can get, without any type of vetting whatsoever.

Special Note: O’Donnell is still claiming that she’s not a witch, refusing to sign the book of demonology should put that argument to rest once and for all, then again perhaps another commercial is in order.