CM Punk: The Life After WWE May Be Able To Inspire A Comeback To The Company

Since leaving WWE, CM Punk has made it known that he plans to do as he pleases whenever he pleases. After leaving the WWE, he was not beloved for the move. Clearly, people wanted him back and so did WWE. Talks always seemed to go negative when the two sides would talk — when they actually did. AJ Lee, Punk’s then girlfriend at the time was set to take a break after WrestleMania, and many thought she’d stay with Punk and never return. After marrying WWE Diva, Punk decided to take it easy like he was in the past, but he also wanted to have things to do.

AJ ended up returning to the WWE to the surprise of many fans who had heard rumors of her being pregnant and never returning.

Punk seemed to hate the fact that he was not busy, so he has shown up a lot lately. After hosting the AP Music Awards last Monday, CM Punk found himself helping out The Nerdist while attending the San Diego Comic-Con. Punk is potentially set for more ventures in the coming months, so it would not be shocking to see him show up in various places.

Many wonder if he’d ever come back to the WWE or wrestling period. Punk claims he will never ever ever do so. However, no one can trust anything a Pro-Wrestler says these days because so many have claimed they’d never come back and ended up coming back. Look at Ultimate Warrior and Bret Hart alone for this. So to think that Punk may never return to the WWE would be inaccurate, especially in a time in which many try to surprise us and red herrings are sent out consistently.

Also, Punk could very well have success away from the WWE. That much is not doubtful, as several former WWE Superstars and Divas have had a successful life after they left. The Rock, Chris Jericho, Steve Austin, and many others were great after their WWE terms ended. The problem is how Punk left the WWE. Of course, we’ve seen many leave in a bad way where either the WWE or the performer were at fault the most.

Many have considered the fact that Punk will go to TNA or ROH, which he would never do. He is tired of wrestling as a whole, and wants time to himself to recharge. He would never run to another promotion just to go through the same issues, which is why anyone who thinks he is going to randomly show up at the impact zone for instance are clearly messed up in the head. This is especially true if you know Punk’s history with them.

Would Punk ever come back? Possibly. There are simple reasons why. The first would be his now wife AJ Lee. Her WWE contract is not up for a while, and she is not done with wrestling yet. Easily she and Punk are set for life, so she never had to come back. She did so because she loved it, and she is young enough to go for a while. So she could always be with WWE for another 5 to 10 years and Punk would probably want to be with her knowing her schedule would be nuts and he’d hardly see her.

Another thing is the Chris Jericho method. He went away for a few years and it took him a while to get the itch to come back. In that time, he had s successful band and had made several TV appearances. To this day, Jericho will take time off when needed. Brock Lesnar also came in like a wrecking ball and then seemingly left in the night. Many Superstars hated him for the move and guys such as The Undertaker took a while to forgive and forget. Lesnar is now back with WWE and working on a date by date contract. Lesnar was gone nearly for over 7 years.

So knowing what we know about Punk, a man who has been in the business for nearly 10 years but also nearly 10 more before ever coming to the WWE, he certainly needs time away. People can chant his name until the cows come home if they choose but doing so will not bring him back right now, even in Chicago. Punk may very well come back, everyone does eventually. In what way is uncertain, and when is even more sketchy. However, Punk loves pro-wrestling and he liked being part of the WWE. Even if the numerous issues with them would not have happened, Punk still would have taken time away from them this summer.

That being said, Punk knowing he was taking a break in 2014 alone was enough for most to know he was in need of time to rest and do things he wanted. Yet, would he have come back one day in that world? Probably so. However, it still would have been far down the line. Thus, if we can think Punk would leave before and potentially come back, what stops him from doing so again when he feels the itch that all do?

[IMG Credit: DeviantArt- Aakash07]