Piper Perabo Marries ‘Dream Date’ Stephen Kay – Here’s Why They Kept It A Secret!

Piper Perabo, 37-year old actress best known for her work on the hit USA series Covert Affairs, got married on Saturday, July 26 to her longtime love Stephen Kay.

According to a statement given to Us Weekly by her rep, Piper Perabo joined the wonderful world of married celebrities in a ceremony in New York City. Once the ceremony ended beautifully with the official announcement and introduction of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kay, a New Orleans-style band traveled along with them as they headed to a nearby reception to celebrate.

Piper Perabo and Stephen Kay first met on the set of Covert Affairs. While Perabo plays the lead actress (Annie Walker) on the hit series, Kay spends most of his time behind the scenes as a director and executive producer. The 37-year old actress confirmed her engagement to her then-fiancee in the fall of 2013.

Many fans and even critics of Piper Perabo are now asking the questions, “Why didn’t we know about this in advance?” and “Why was the wedding kept a secret?”

Perhaps it is simply because of the fact that Piper Perabo has been able to master the art of keeping her relationship away from the public eye until absolutely necessary. This is definitely a lost art that many other celebrities have completely forgotten or even ignored in recent years, choosing to keep their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram followers updated with every single aspect of their professional and personal lives. Piper Perabo, on the other hand, has made the decision to keep her private life private.

Since her engagement was made public late last year, Perabo has not said or even tweeted very much about her relationship, engagement, or even her wedding plans at all. It appears as if she has truly taken her role as a secret agent seriously — even using a few of the tips that she has learned from Annie Walker to conceal her own privacy and fly under the radar from the public eye as well.

In an interview with The New Potato conducted earlier this year, she did mention (or rather imply) that her fiancee was her dream date.

When asked to name the five people (living or dead) that she would invite to her dream dinner party, she listed the following names:

“Stephen Kay, Phyllis Diller, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jon Stewart, and Michael Symon.”

Seeing as how two of the people Piper Perabo named are dead (Jean-Michel Basquiat and Phyllis Diller) and one is a chef who would more than likely be preparing the meal (Michael Symon), that really only left Stephan Kay and Michael Symon as “dream dates” that could steal her heart. Sorry, Jon Stewart — Stephen Kay’s name came first.

Congratulations to the newlywed couple, Piper Perabo and Stephen Kay! We probably won’t get a chance to learn anything about their honeymoon plans until sometime next year — unless Piper decided to keep it buried for longer than that.

[Image Credit: Ace Showbiz]