New Mexico State Trooper Caught Having Sex On Security Camera

A police officer in Santa Fe, New Mexico has been caught on security camera having sex in public with an unknown female.

The officer was in his uniform and was having sex with the female on the hood of a car in the middle of the day.

At this time no comments are being provided by State Police in the area.

The video in question was obtained two weeks ago by TV station KOB after they filed a public request with the Santa Fe Sheriff’s office and it shows the officer still wearing his utility belt while engaging in sexual intercourse at the Santa Fe Canyon Ranch.

The station also spoke with various citizens in the area who all seemed to agree that the act was an egregious violation of the officers role.

Some responses to the incident included:

“It’s an inappropriate use of time,” along with “Inappropriate use of our tax money, I mean we pay these guys,” and “With that kind of judgment you don’t want him carrying a weapon,” also, “I think it’s an embarrassment to the state patrol, they should be ashamed.”

Since the police officer has not been named at this time KOB who knows the officers name has chosen to keep it private at this time, although they may release the officers identity during a future broadcast.

Here’s a video news report from the incident:

What do you think the officers bosses should do, should he be suspended, fined or fired for his actions?