Gal Gadot: Who Is The New Wonder Woman In ‘Batman V Superman’?

To many, Gal Gadot is not a name they readily recognize unless they are following Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice production. After the unveiling of the new Wonder Woman costume — which looks amazing — people are wondering who, exactly, is the actress playing the iconic comic book character. Let’s take a look.

Gal Gadot is best known for her roles in the Fast and Furious franchise, where she played Gisele Yashar in three of its installments, that is, until her character was killed off in Fast 6. Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman in December of 2013 and has reportedly signed on for future sequels, including the much awaited Justice League film.

Our new Wonder Woman was born and grew up in Rosh HaAyin, Israel. Her parents are Jewish, born in Israel, and her ancestors were Jewish immigrants from Europe. According to Gal Gadot — whose native name is גל גדות — her family is “one-quarter Polish, one-quarter Austrian, one-quarter German, and one-quarter Czech” and was brought up in a “very Jewish, Israeli family environment.”

Gal Gadot in 'Fast & Furious 6' (Image via Universal Studios)

Gal Gadot is also a model and as a former Miss Israel who represented her country in the 2004 Miss Universe pageant. The 29-year-old beauty is the top representative of the designer clothing line, Castro.

But Gal Gadot is more than just a pretty face with an incredible body. One of her more impressive pedigrees is that at the age of 19, she enrolled in the Israeli Army, better known as the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), where she served as a soldier for two years. Gadot stated that this experience has opened doors for her movie career:

“I think the main reason was that (‘Fast 6’ director) Justin Lin really liked that I was in the military, and he wanted to use my knowledge of weapons.”

“There aren’t enough good roles for strong women. I wish we had more female writers. Most of the female characters you see in films today are ‘the poor heartbroken girl.’ That’s why I’m so proud of the ‘Fast’ movies. I feel like Giselle is an empowering woman.”

To stay in shape, Gal Gadot also plays basketball, volleyball, and tennis. For her role as Wonder Woman — who many criticized because of her slender physique and limited acting experience — she has gone through an intense fitness program, much like her male co-stars Henry Cavill (Superman) and Ben Affleck (Batman).

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Gal Gadot talked about how she was getting ready for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice:

“It’s the physical preparations that I’m starting now. A very serious training regime — Kung Fu, kickboxing, swords, jujutsu, Brazilian… 1,000 and one things… I’ll gain body mass.”

Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, and Ben Affleck at Comic Con.

What do you think of Gal Gadot and the Wonder Woman costume?

[Image via DC Entertainment]