Edward Snowden Wants To Build Anti-Surveillance Technology, But Can We Trust Him?

Edward Snowden claims he wants to keep up the fight against the NSA and other high-level spy agencies. The question is whether or not we can trust him, or if he’ll just go back to spying on us like a secret cell of the NSA.

It’s what Snowden was allegedly trained to do.

After having come out as an NSA spy, leaking top secret documents and admitting to everything his former employer has done to jeopardize global privacy on the internet, the floodgates have opened and speculations have flown over how far the spying has gone. Some have said that the reach of the NSA has gone so far as to spy on our own allies.

As a result of his actions, Snowden has taken asylum in Russia, because it’s the only place which would take him after what he confessed to doing under NSA orders. Sadly, his stay is close to expiring, but he’s applying to get an extension.

It has come to the point where Edward Snowden needs to come up with a way to earn a living again, and you can imagine he won’t be allowed near a computer if he gets a regular job on the same level again. He’s come up with a new way to earn some money, but this time he’s claiming to work against the NSA. Snowden is working on technology which will supposedly stop the NSA and other electronic spy agencies from snooping on people, and encouraging other hackers to do the same.

Speaking via video chat to a Hope X conference, the ex-NSA whistleblower stated:

“We the people — you the people, you in this room right now — have both the means and the capability to improve the future by encoding our rights into programs and protocols by which we rely every day… and that’s what a lot of my future work is going to be involved in, and I hope you’ll join me in making that a reality.”

So Edward Snowden is planning to fight back against the NSA now? How do we know he’s not secretly planning to simply spy on the world himself and share those hackers’ code with the very people they’re working against?

The internet privacy tools and anti-surveillance code that Snowden seems to be promoting could easily be used against us if this is all a set-up.

The ex-NSA whistleblower added:

“Generally, when I talk about this I say encryption. I say encryption, encryption, encryption. Because it’s an important first step that denies the government access to anything more typically than a suspicion, which is drawn from association [metadata].”

If what Edward Snowden claims is being said in honesty, he will probably have to stay in Russia to avoid possible charges of treason. If he’s secretly looking to spy on the world again and sell our secrets to the NSA and other surveillance agencies, who can stop him?

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