Justin Bieber Beverly Hills Condo Residents Reportedly Lawyer up Over Noise

Justin Bieber neighbors at his Beverly Hills condo are reportedly dead serious about being unwilling to live in an expensive frat house, and are still frothing to local cops about the party-hearty singer in their midst.

After Bieber’s ragers last weekend – at which reportedly about 75 and 20 revellers rolled up on each day – Beverly Hills cops responded four times to neighbor complaints over noise and twice over fans’ misconduct.

There was also an alleged resident statement to TMZ about “bimbos lining up to do drugs in the lobby bathroom,” which may or may not have been made up. Typical party debris on the condo rooftop reportedly also enraged coiffed Condo dwellers.

The upshot of all that was, residents were told cops cannot arrest Bieber for a misdemeanor unless they actaully see him committing a crime. However, the neighbors were advised they can get handsy with the Biebs and place him under citizen’s arrest if they see or reasonably suspect he is doing something illicit.

TMZ now report Beverly Hills’ finest returned to the condo to do some “community policing” and listen to the still furious residents’ gripes. The site reports these are mostly about noise from Bieber’s parties.

Cops reportedly also spoke to residents about condo security, due to fans screaming at all hours outside the condo and tour buses passing through to see the oft-shirtless one’s home.

Possibly alarmingly for Bieber – as the claim could be bogus- TMZ claim the Home Owner’s Association (HOA) has “hired an attorney to specifically to handle Bieber-related issues.”

With Justin’s ongoing criminal and civil lawsuits and his two-year probation sentence after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor vandalism charge following the egging of his former neighbor’s Calabasas, California home, it’s clearly advisable he doesn’t stir the pot at Chez condo any further.

On a lighter note, the Biebs is – for once – riding a positive moment after winning the Champ of Charity award at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday.

After winning the accolade, the 20-year-old superstar promptly gifted it to 11-year-old Grace Kesablak, a Make-A-Wish attendee who is battling cancer. Bieber was Grace’s table-date at the event and invited the little girl on stage as part of her wish to be a celebrity.

Audience reception to the pair at the awards show was rapturous.

At press time, the Biebs’ last Instagram shows him boarding a private jet with a pal seemingly for “Ireland” which, in a previous Instagram, he may have referred to as “paradise.”

Surely a typo?

(Vine: Bieber talking to fans outside a Los Angeles studio, July 28.)

(Photo: Bieber meeting fans at the same location.)

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